“You don’t need to be far from home to enjoy the relaxation of a custom spa or custom hot tub from Poseidon Swimming Pools.”

When Poseidon Pools builds a custom spa, the focus is on you. We customize the spa to fit the most important person, our customer. It is like we are building the spa together. For each custom spa we build, our contractors and designers work with you to design a perfect oasis. We craft exceptional, affordable, well made, and one of a kind custom spas. We are with you through entire process of creating your inground spa, from concept, to design, to excavation, to relaxation. Having a spa is fun, therapeutic, affordable, and easy to maintain.

Many of Poseidon’s customers have their own ideas about the ideal design of their own custom spa, but don’t know how to proceed from there. With the help of our contractors, we can bring the design of your dream spa to life. Each custom spa is designed from the ground up. We provide information, guidance, and a team approach when we build a spa or hot tub for our customers.

It is not hard to sell the customer the relaxing benefits of having their own spa. A spa can provide a romantic at home getaway. It can provide relaxation after a stressful day or after a strenuous workout. It can provide quality family time spent together in luxury. It is the perfect aesthetic addition to a inground swimming pool. When you think about how much a beautiful spa will add to the value of your home, you can’t afford not to own one. Our attached spas are economical and affordable. Many retail spas are priced for luxury, but a custom spa by Poseidon is actually built for luxury and priced for everyone.

All of Poseidon Pools custom spas can be attached to our in-ground swimming pools or built as a separate island oasis, and are designed for year-around enjoyment in any climate. A Poseidon custom spa is the perfect compliment to our high quality swimming pools. Our Spas and pools will provide a whole new way of life. Together the perfect marriage; a quality Poseidon Pool and a custom spa.