Pool Renovations

“Swimming pool renovations make your existing inground swimming pool seem like it was just put installed. “

Not all of Poseidon Pools are built by Poseidon. Many of our customers choose Poseidon to renovate their existing swimming pools rather than installing a new pool to save time and money. Our swimming pool renovations include refurbishing cracked or stained concrete, updating the pool tile or surrounding patio, installing new money saving swimming pool pump systems, installing new coping, or installing new brilliant lighting or fantastic water features. Our swimming pool renovations can take just a few days and will make a grand impact on the setting of your backyard. Swimming pool renovations by our trained team will make your traditional pool more modern and inviting.

Before Swimming Pool Renovation

Inground Swimming Pool Renovation

After Swimming Pool Renovation

Renovating and updating your backyard pool and surroundings is something that is becoming more and more popular. Our swimming pool renovations provide many options to choose from, many more than when you originally bought your pool. You will be amazed at the new features, equipment, and materials that are available. We can update your swimming pool and your outdoor living space to completely transform it into a modern paradise or a secluded oasis. Our swimming pool renovations include making minor changes with repairs or equipment updates, or providing a dramatic difference with a completely revised custom creation. With a swimming pool renovation, we can change the layout of your pool, add water features or lighting, a slide, a diving board, add a pool house, renovate your deck surface, add a spa, and more.

We also offer custom pool decks, walkways, patios, swimming pool decks, and virtually all barefoot traffic areas. We’ll walk you through all the key phases of a remodeling project and show you step by step how an old pool can get a new look and lease on life. We specialize in all phases of swimming pool renovations and can help you envision what can be accomplished with just a few simple changes.

When you are looking for swimming pool renovations, look to the specialists at Poseidon Pools. We not only build you a dream pool, we can turn your existing pool into a dream pool. Whether you want to resurface, reshape or completely rethink your pool, Poseidon Pools has the experience and the know how to make it happen.

Following are the more popular swimming pool renovations our commercial and residential customers request:

  • Deck repairs or installation of replacement decking
  • Pool tile and coping repairs or complete replacement
  • Pool surface refinishing or replastering
  • Acid washing your pool and deck surface
  • Installation of better, automated, more energy efficient swimming pool technology
  • Installation of ladders, exercise bars, diving boards, and slides
  • And many other pool renovation projects