Pool Builders

Pool Construction

We can build a custom swimming pool from the ground up. That’s really the only way we know how. It starts in that hole in the ground, if there isn’t already one there. We can make a pool in any size and shape that you want. We have built swimming pools in the shape of hearts, birds, guitars and even in the shape of a swimming pool. Perfectly round mound of mass, filled with clean, fresh water that will always last.

Swimming Pool Renovation

Inherited a swimming pool that hasnt been looked after for a while, or if you need to renovate your swimming pool as terms of the sale or purchase of you home, it may be a great idea to hire us to fix the damage.

Pool Re-plastering

Once you start to notice a little collection of small rocks or gravel collecting around the walk areas around your pool, it might be worth it to have your pool replastered the damage gets too big to maintain for a reasonable price. You will spend some money upfront, but save thousands of dollars over the course of the life of owning your home and pool.

Pool Remodeling

Maybe you have come to the decision that you are just ready to tear the old pool out completely, and have us remodel your existing swimming pool. It would be our pleasure, because that’s where we really roll our sleeves up and take total control of the entire process. From planning, designing, sourcing raw materials, demolition, removal, installation and finally rebuilding the pool, we get to do it all, and that’s where our best work really shines.