About Us

“Poseidon Pools is an affordable inground swimming pool contractor capable of custom designing your backyard oasis.”

You can turn to Poseidon Pools to deliver everything that you ever wanted and more in building your dream swimming pool. Poseidon is the most trusted inground swimming pool contractor in the Delaware Valley. Poseidon knows that installing a swimming pool is a major investment and commitment. We know that you need to be confident with your swimming pool contractor. Our reputation of dependability and our list of satisfied customers in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland speak for itself.

A Poseidon swimming pool is an affordable, custom inground swimming pool that your family will love and enjoy. With Poseidon Swimming Pools you are choosing the most trusted name in backyard pools and the most renowned inground swimming pool contractor in the Delaware Valley. Our company and our work are backed by guarantees, warranties, and most importantly, a proven track record with a family of satisfied customers.

We are not a large, nationwide swimming pool contractor. We are not an independently owned office of a larger corporation. We are a local, family owned swimming pool builder. One of our owners or supervisors will always be on your construction site. The representative that comes to your house at the first appointment will be on the construction site. This is what separates us from any other inground swimming pool contractor and it is truly why the name Poseidon Swimming Pools has become a recognized name and a name homeowners can trust.

Inground Swimming Pool Contractor

We are a full service inground swimming pool contractor. We provide many options for you in addition to our custom pool work. We are experts in inground swimming pool design and installation, as well as swimming pool landscaping techniques and plant knowledge, pool house design and construction, swimming pool plumbing and electric work, and deck work. Most swimming pool builders outsource all of this work. Poseidon Pools does all of this with skilled laborers and contractors within the company. We demand to be held accountable for our work.

When choosing the right swimming pool contractor for your project, you must consider three things: quality, professionalism, and affordability. Poseidon swimming pool contractors are bonded and insured, and fully licensed. We have expertise in swimming pool design and keep up to date on the latest pool construction techniques and evolving durable materials. Poseidon Pools will provide you with a detailed, written contract that spells out everything. You will also receive all warranties in writing. We will do everything to show you why we are the only inground swimming pool contractor for you.